06 Dec Zalman King’s Red Shoe Diaries: Season 5, Ep. 5


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“Banished” – A condemned angel who has been exiled from the heavens and placed on earth is cursed with the ability to kill with a deadly kiss. Upon descending to earth he is enchanted by a beautiful prostitute, who in return is mesmerized by the ethereal vision of the angel. He caresses this enchanting creature and delicately, passionately kisses the prostitute who falls limp into his arms. Confused and devastated he catches the eye of a waitress, as he kisses her lips, she falls motionless in his arms. Shattered, the angel turns only to see a newlywed couple kiss, and becomes entranced by this angelic bride. He fantasizes the bride is an immortal like himself. The angel gently kisses the bride‚Äôs lips as she falls fatally to his mercy. The angel, horrified, realizes he is cursed with this treacherous power, and he must walk the earth alone and absent from love, forever.