06 Dec Zalman King’s Red Shoe Diaries: Laundrymat


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“Laundrymat” – Years ago Josie’s husband climbed into his truck and drove down the road, never looking back. Left to raise her three young sons on her own, Josie struggled to keep food on the table. Late one night after leaving the boys with her sister, Josie goes to the small town laundrymat. She watches the dryer spin around and around before she opens the door and pulls out a man’s shirt. Josie lifts the shirt to her face and remembers the sweet scent of a man. Sitting in the corner watching her is Mark, a man that follows the wind whichever way it blows. Josie feels a desire that she has longed for and a passion that she has missed. Josie asks Mark to dance with her, and slowly their bodies become one. The next day, they return to the laundrymat to depart as strangers, only to realize that passion is what makes a soul survive.