02 Nov Red Shoe Diaries: Swimming Naked

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“Swimming Naked” – Leila works as a lifeguard at the community pool. She loves her job: the kids, the regular swimmers and the pool itself. She likes to sneak in at night and swim naked. When she is told the pool will be permanently closed, she is heartbroken. The pool is given a temporary reprieve when a young male Olympic hopeful, Isaac, comes to train for a month. She envisions her body intertwined naked with his as they swim together through the depths of the water. Leila becomes captivated with this man, to the point of following him, only to find him bedding many women. One night while Leila is enjoying the warm feel of the water against her bare body, she realizes that Isaac is watching her. Leila confronts Isaac on his behavior, only to learn he has no other commitment but to his craft. They return to her apartment for an innocent game of backgammon and through their truthful revelations, find an honest attraction for each other.