13 Jun Zalman King’s Red Shoe Diaries: Season 1, Ep. 8

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“Jake’s Story” – This episode marks the return of Jake, the protagonist in the feature length picture of RED SHOE DIARIES and the host of each of the episodes. When Kate becomes fascinated by the Red Shoes ad in the classifieds, she makes it her mission to find the man who’s written it. Finding a way to meet Jake face to face, she sets out to seduce him. Still mourning his love lost, Jake doesn’t immediately respond to Kate’s advances, but this changes as he becomes more and more taken with her direct and seemingly fearless nature. Jake is smitten, amazed that he could be falling in love. But each time he makes the move to know more about her life, she pulls away, becoming more distant, eventually disappearing from his life. He can’t believe it. Time passes and the two meet again, at her request. He is saddened but not shocked to discover that Kate is, in fact, married and leading a double life. Jake finds himself the third wheel in a triangle — and he knows through bitter personal experience, just how dangerous a game this can be.