31 Jul White God Review


Nature is Biting Back

Actions speak louder than words in this week’s FridayFlix pick, White God, as we follow the heart wrenching drama of Man VS. Beast. Once Lili (Zsofia Psotta) is forced to abandon her mixed-breed dog, Hagen, these best friends begin a threatening journey back to each other. Hagen must survive the streets, his new master that trains him only to kill, and cruel animal control centers. Almost immediately Hagen becomes the most popular among the other unloved and unwanted dogs and takes on the role as the leader in their canine army. While Hagen may be too far deep in anger against man, Lili believes that love will save them both.

Despite limited dialogue due to one of the main characters being a dog, White God still offers an undeniably powerful message. Director Kornel Mundruczo focuses more on the importance of conveying emotions through body language for all characters involved. Viewers may notice that during the most expressive scenes we hear the least words spoken, which is seen from start to finish. While White God may be difficult to watch, the theme of animal cruelty, as well as the need for mutual respect among man and wild animals, makes it a must see for all FlixFling users.


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This guest blog was written by Breelyn Starrett.