18 Mar When You’re This Lost There’s Nowhere To Hide

We’ve released yet another FlixFling exclusive this week! The new drama, Lost in the White City from Invincible Pictures, follows a young couple that travels to Tel Aviv in hopes of rebuilding their relationship. Eva (Haley Bennett) is more of a partier and seems to be confused with her relationship, while her boyfriend, Kyle (Thomas Dekker) diligently works on his film and questions his sexuality. One night at a party, they meet an Israeli ex-soldier, Avi (Bob Morley), who is working on becoming an actor. Avi initially seems to be attracted to Eva, however Kyle also becomes infatuated with Avi’s mysterious demeanor. As the three begin working creatively together, the once monogamous relationship quickly becomes a complicated love triangle. Needless to say, Lost in the White City is for the open-minded viewer as it takes an interesting approach at self-discovery, sexuality, and young love.


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This guest blog was written by Breelyn Starrett.