30 Jul Using FlixFling TV

FlixFling TV can use your computer or your favorite mobile device as a remote.  Read below to see how each of these can be used to control your FlixFling TV Device.

IMPORTANT:  Before using any device to control FlixFling TV – make sure your device is connected to the same wireless network as your FlixFling TV Device.

Controlling with your Apple or Android Device:

Visit the iTunes App Store (for Apple) or GooglePlay Store (for Android) and download the free FlixFling app.  Once you’ve downloaded the app, sign in to your FlixFling account using your FlixFling username and password.  Browse the library and choose a movie to watch.  Once you’ve chosen a movie, tap “Play.”  A box will appear on your mobile device’s screen asking you if you’d like to watch on FlixFling TV.  Tap “Yes” and enjoy!

Please note that you cannot purchase content outside of your FlixFling Basic Subscription package on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  You can access and rent this content at FlixFling.com using your computer.  Anything you rent or purchase will be automatically stored in your MyFlix digital locker to access instantly on any device.

Controlling with your home computer (PC or Mac):

When you initially configure your FlixFling TV Device, you will download two programs from Orb Networks.  One program is called “Orb Mini Controller.”  Orb Mini Controller can be used to access the FlixFling Library, as well as other movies, shows and music stored on your computer.

To use Orb Mini Controller to access FlixFling, visit FlixFling.com on your computer and sign in to your account.  Then, open the Orb Mini Controller.  The Mini Controller will recognize your FlixFling TV Device.  On the main menu, select Video Services and choose “FlixFling”.  Through the Mini Controller you will be able to browse the FlixFling library.  Once you choose a movie to watch, click “Play” and the movie will stream to the TV screen where the FlixFling TV Device is connected.

Need additional information or assistance?  Please visit the FlixFling TV FAQ or Contact Us.