19 Dec Urban Evil

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From the dark vaults of Wizard Entertainment comes a new chapter of terror in “Urban Evil: A Trilogy of Fear,” a collection of three contemporary stories of urban horror.  In “Demonic Tunes,” a dynamic hip hop group called “Urban Protectors” is “discovered” by the notorious record producer Dr. Bones, who plans to turn them into part of his zombie army and dominate the world. In “The Killing Kind,” 17 year old Kwame invokes his grandmothers magic of the “killing kind” and puts it into her old rag doll after a group of local thugs put her in the hospital. And finally, “Hidden Evil” explores a mysterious vault in the basement of an old abandoned high school, where there lurks an evil that has been locked away for 100 years. When they mistakenly free a horrific spirit, the school becomes a deadly prison and there is no way to escape.