07 Jun Torment

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Anna Bell is a successful, wealthy but burnt out rock singer. After breaking up with her boyfriend Craig Cane, she retreats to the country property that she’s owned for several years, but never had time to visit. She wants to relax and write some new songs, but Mike, her manager, tries to influence her to go back to London. Feeding her pills and alcohol, he pushes her to keep in the spotlight and keep her career moving. Just after she arrives in the village, a local girl is strangled and the police are hunting for the murderer. Lonely and insecure, Anna starts an affair with Mathew, a young tradesman she employs to do various handyman work around the house. After initial uncertainty, Anna is attracted to him and keeps finding jobs to prolong his visits. Mike sends Guy (a choreographer) and Fiona (Anna’s sister) to keep an eye on Anna under the pretense that they will keep her company. They bring a new supply of pills from Mike, designed to keep her under his control. Mathew is infatuated with Anna and he is jealous of these ‘intruders’ – he wants to protect Anna.