07 Jun Toby McTeague

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Living in a small Northern Canada town is not easy for Toby McTeague, his father Tom, and Toby’s younger brother Sam. Their survival depends on the raising and training of sled dogs, but the local economy has been declining, and the bank has threatened to take the dogs. When Tom is injured and unable to compete in the prestigious dog-sled championships, the rebellious and immature Toby fights for the chance to take his father’s place. Unfortunately, he must first undergo intensive training in order to win the race and save the family business, but Toby’s impatience has made him irresponsible and reckless, leading him to run away from home. He heads into the wilderness where he meets an elderly Native American shaman who had been a teacher to Toby’s father years ago. The spiritual Chief Wild Dog shows the troubled teenager the ways of nature and dogs, but it’s up to Toby to find the inner strength to win his father’s respect!