19 Dec This Is Where I Leave You Review


Putting the “Fun” in Dysfunctional

As families gather ’round to celebrate this holiday season, the FlixFling team brings you the year’s ultimate tale of family togetherness. This Is Where I Leave You, the family dramedy based off the best-selling novel of the same name, follows the somewhat dysfunctional, yet very endearing Altman family as they reunite to sit shiva for their recently deceased patriarch. At the center of the story is Judd, played with familiar charm by Jason Bateman, a radio show producer whose life begins to unravel when he catches his wife having an affair with his boss. His father’s sudden passing reunites him with his three siblings: Paul, the eldest who controls the family business, Wendy, a spunky mother of two, and Philip, the irresponsible baby brother who has brought his newest girlfriend along for the festivities. Rounding out the varied cast of characters is Hilary, their outspoken, often times hilarious mother, portrayed with usual expertise by Jane Fonda. Over the next seven days, the Altmans endure fights, tears, family secrets and infidelities, learning along the way just how precious family really is.

It is not surprising that such a poignant, relatable novel would become an equally successful commercial film. The content is perfect for today’s audience, already full of cinematic moments and vivid characters with the potential for brilliant casting. As the writer of both the book and subsequent screenplay, Jonathan Tropper weaves together a colorful story that runs through a gamut of emotions. Though some moments can seem a bit overwrought and at times, disingenuous, the strength of the writing and the actors’ performances pull through. What results is an enjoyable family comedy, tailor made for the holiday season.

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This guest blog was written by Colleen Shields.