07 Jun They Made Me A Criminal

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Although most well known for his lavish 1930’s musicals, director Busby Berkeley used his skillful eye for choreography in the boxing scenes of this poignant drama. In a remake of the 1933 film "The Life of Jimmy Dolan", hard drinking New York prizefighter Johnnie Bradfield is accused of murdering a reporter on the same night he wins a championship bout. Unable to prove his innocence, Johnnie flees the city for Arizona and assumes a new identity. Calling himself Jack Dorney, he arrives at a farm run by a kindly woman known as Grandma Rafferty. Johnnie befriends the teenage delinquents who call the ranch home and teaches them how to box. Johnnie soon finds true love with Grandma’s daughter Peggy, but his peace and happiness are cut short by the sudden arrival of persistent New York police detective Monty Phelan who has been hot on his trail!