07 Jun The Wandering Soul Murders

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When Joanne Kilbourn’s daugther Mieka attends to her catering business one morning, she receives a tremendous shock. Debbie, a young employee of hers, is lying dead, murdered. The police and media are quick to assume that Debbie’s murder is the latest in a series of prostitute killings known as the Little Flower Murders. When Joanne openly questions this assumption, she is hired as a crime reporter by a TV network, and begins her own investigation. In the midst of Joanne’s investigation, her son’s fiance, Christy, is also found dead. Despite evidence of suicide, Joanne suspects a link to the previous murder and a visit to Christy’s seaside village produces a link between a prostitution ring and the murdered girls. Joanne is about to learn even more disturbing things about the girl who was to be her daughter in law, leading her to conclude that there may be more than one murder and multiple motives. A classic TV murder mystery thriller that will keep you guessing.