07 Jun The Train Killer

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Based on a true story, this film is a dramatization of the events that led to the destruction of one of the most famous trains in history, the Orient Express. Michael Sarrazin plays the role of an intensely twisted Hungarian businessman, Sylvestre Matrushka, who could only achieve sexual satisfaction by witnessing train crashes. In order to gratify his bizarre desires, he dynamited several locomotives in the early 1930’s. On Saturday, September 12, 1931, as the Budapest-Vienna express crossed a viaduct, the mad bomber Matushka detonated an electrical device, sending the train into an abyss, killing and injuring many passengers. Investigators call on Dr. Epstein to aid in the capture of Matushka…before he strikes again! It is a gripping, action-packed ride to the final ironic fate of the demented murderer. Part explosive thriller, part shocking melodrama, this movie is a glimpse into a Hungarian legend that is virtually unknown to the western world.