07 Jun The Trade

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Wayne Garret wants it all. A young, ambitious Wall Street trader blinded by the lure of success, he demands the best of his team and mercilessly berates failure. Wayne’s girlfriend, Nikki Torman, is the beautiful and pampered daughter of John Torman, a notorious Wall Street power broker. With Nikki at his side, Wayne is the envy of his peers. Wayne’s father Antonio is fighting cancer and struggling to run the family restaurant in Providence. Wayne wants his parents to slow down and offers to support them in retirement. Bound by loyalty to his staff of 30 years, Antonio proudly refuses. During an extravagant dinner at a trendy Manhattan restaurant Wayne meets Sioux, an attractive waitress who dreams of becoming a museum curator. Infatuated by her playful candor, Wayne begins to spend time with her. Sioux’s refreshing outlook on life is a welcome contrast to the ruthless world that he inhabits. When Wayne’s bank is taken over by John Torman’s company, he is offered a huge stock option package to stay. However, there is a catch, he must fire most of his team, including his best friend and confidant, Duffy Dyer. Further complicating matters is that all may not be as it appears at John Torman’s company and the options come with strings attached. Thus begins a high stakes game where Wayne must choose between the seductive world of wealth and power, and the chance to be with Sioux, the woman he truly loves.