07 Jun The Three Stooges


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Three Stooges Comedy Classics:

In this hilarious early Stooges short, the boys are witnesses in the trial of their friend, dancer Gail Tempest, who stands accused of murder. The courtroom is turned upside down as the trio tries to prove Gail’s innocence…with the help of a talkative parrot!

Moe, Larry and Shemp are owners of the Cafe Casbahbah where Hassan Ben Sober and Haffa Dalla plot to steal the cursed King Rootin’ Tootin’ Diamond. Instead of risking their own lives for the priceless jewel, the thieves convince the bungling threesome to obtain the treasure for them. Disguised as a Santa Claus trio, the chuckleheaded partners swipe the stone and fight their way past the palace guards in true Stooge fashion!

This riotous Stooge short features the rubber-faced Shemp Howard as a voice teacher who discovers he has only a few hours in which to marry in order to inherit a fortune. After his proposals are turned down by the loveliest girls in town, he finally convinces a homely vocal student to wed him. Chaos ensues when the other prospective brides find out about the inheritance and all show up at the ceremony!