12 Jun The Thirsty Dead

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Laura is kidnapped by hooded monsters and delivered to an isolated community of advanced human beings engaged in a horrifying lifestyle. Ranu, the High Priestess of the cult, uses a “Magic Leaf” that, when mixed with blood of young women, nourishes the cult members and keeps them in a state of eternal youth. Laura is asked to drink the blood of her friends. She refuses and tries to escape, but is caught and punished. She is thrown into the dungeons with the Crones, grotesquely disfigured creatures, whose lifesblood has been sucked away by the cult. The Crones, when freed, vent their rage in an orgy of mutilation and destruction. Baru, the High Priest, helps Laura and her friends escape back to civilization. She tells her story to the police, who search for the place she describes, but it proves to be non-existent. The real truth will have to remain Laura’s secret…shared only by those who have shared these sights of “The Thirsty Dead.”