26 Aug The Symmetry of Love

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Several stories of love and desire interweave in modern day London. Alex, a young journalist girl, enters in the life of Kyle by chance. He’s a seductive architect who doesn’t know his ex-wife, Elizabeth, is back in town after the death of her very rich – very old Parisian new husband. Elizabeth takes up her career as a psychologist and she has a new patient: Richard. He is afraid of the way his sexual life with Jane is going. She is a quiet and shy librarian with hidden hobbies, who likes to chat on the internet with Enzo, Kyle’s best friend. Richard is paying his therapy with the money he earns as a mariachi chocolate seller in supermarket promotions while he waits for his novels to be published. One of the novels tells the story of his ex-girlfriend Alex… In the tradition of British comedies like Love Actually, Notting Hill or Bridget Jones Diary, THE SYMMETRY OF LOVE is full of witty dialogues, funny situations, chance connections and quirky characters, making a solid urban comedy about mid-thirties life crisis.

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