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29 Aug The Rover Review

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Pearce and Pattinson: The Formidable Duo

This week’s FridayFlix piece, The Rover, is the much buzzed about follow-up from Animal Kingdom’s acclaimed director, David Michôd. Set against the landscape of an economically blighted Australian outback, the film follows wandering loner, Eric, as he treks across the terrain in search of his stolen car. Along the way he picks up a wounded Rey, the younger, intellectually stunted brother of one of the car thieves. Despite the bleak nature of their circumstances, the two form an unusual bond, a bond that ultimately has fatal consequences.

Staying true to the style of filmmaking represented so acutely in Animal Kingdom, Michôd again uses his skill behind the camera to breathe life into an otherwise desolate look at society. Though the setting is stark, the mystery behind the dystopian world and how it became that way is rich enough to keep viewers engaged. The most standout aspect in Michôd’s latest, however, is the performances. Guy Pearce, who portrays anti-hero Eric, is unsurprisingly solid, but it’s Robert Pattinson that steals the film. As Rey, Pattinson brings an honest vulnerability to the twosome’s interactions. His is a breakthrough performance that elevates the film to a new level, making it a must see for fans and critics alike.

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This guest blog was written by Colleen Shields.