07 Jun The Play of Light

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The Play of Light is based on a profound series of discussions and insights with the most prominent figures of the diamond world. Gabi Tolkowsky, the Master Cutter who sculptured the Centenary – the largest and purest diamond ever polished – and Eddy Elzas, owner of the most important colored diamonds collection, are among the icons that share their love of diamonds. The Play of Light follows the remarkable path of a rough stone that becomes a brilliant diamond. The Play of Light also reveals a stone being cut under the supervision of David Krochmal and certified by the International Gemmological Institute. This fascinating documentary details some of the world’s most beautiful diamond cuts, such as the origin of the Buddha cut, created by Olivier Korn. Also profiled is the contribution of Seema Javeri who, as a woman and a member of the Indian diamond community, bring a unique and historical insight into the captivating world of diamonds.