18 Jun The Open Road

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In this heartwarming comedy, minor leaguer Carlton Garret (Justin Timberlake of FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, THE SOCIAL NETWORK) takes an unexpected road trip to track down his estranged father, legendary baseball player Kyle Garret (Jeff Bridges of TRUE GRIT, TRON: LEGACY) when Carlton’s mother (Mary Steenburgen of THE HELP) becomes sick.  Knowing his charming yet painfully immature dad’s likelihood to disappoint, Carlton enlists his on-again-off-again girlfriend Lucy for emotional support.  Once reunited, Carlton struggles to deal with the series of misadventures caused by his father’s antics, including missed flights, car trouble, and bathroom brawls. Years of miscommunication, frustration, and comically awkward attempts at bonding come to a head as the mismatched trio make their way from Ohio back home to Houston to reunite the family.