15 May The Man Who Laughs

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In 1690 England, the nobleman Lord Clancharlie returns from his exile to see his young son. The peer is captured by the cruel King James II and before being killed, he is informed that his beloved son had been sold to the gypsies. The Cormanchicos abandon the boy in the cold snowing winter, and while looking for shelter, he finds a baby held in the arms of her dead mother. He brings the baby with him, and they are welcomed by the philosopher, Ursus, who finds that the baby is blind, and raises them. Years later, Gwynplaine becomes a successful clown, and together with the blind Dea, they present plays for common people. Gwynplaine and Dea are in love with each other, but he refuses to marry her because of his ridiculous appearance. When the evil jester, Barkilphedro, discloses the origin of Gwynplaine, he plots a means to be rewarded by the Queen, jeopardizing the love of Gwynplaine and Dea.