07 Jun The Joyriders


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It’s Christmas in Seattle and Gordon Trout (Martin Landau) has hit rock bottom. His business partner has ruined him, and his wife has gone off on a cruise. Unable to summon up the energy to join her, and the deeply depressed, Gordon decides to end it all. Life is just as hard for Crystal (Heather McComb), Cam (Shawn Hatosy), and Jody (Elisabeth Moss), three runaways living on the streets, who have nowhere to live after the abandoned car they all call home has been destroyed. When the teenagers collide with Gordon in the mall parking lot, Jody convinces him to give them a ride home. Gordon quickly discovers that the runaways have no home and that he’s been taken hostage. Forced to drive Jody home to her mother in time for Christmas, Gordon heads off, at gunpoint, to Arizona. However, they soon realize life doesn’t always go as planned. A chance encounter with a preacher named Eddie (Kris Kristofferson) takes their lives in a new direction and leads them down a path spirited by hope.