08 Jul The Future Is Now

Academy Award winning writer and director, Alex Gibney, has created a documentary focusing specifically on the latest weapon of mass destruction: cyber attacks. In theaters now and also on FlixFling, Zero Days paints an obscure and frightening portrait of what the cyber world has become and how quickly it will expand overtime. The film follows the cyber-attack, known as the Stuxnet virus, launched by the U.S. and Isreal on an Iranian nuclear facility. Viewers get an in-depth look at what the virus is, who created it, and how it invaded a very specific target to spread its infection outward. If it weren’t for an accidental leak, the world may have never found out about its existence, consequently spreading it to networks worldwide and sabotaging the world we live in.

The title of the documentary, Zero Days, refers to something called “zero-day vulnerability” which leaves the victim of a cyber attack with absolutely zero time to respond. As the film outlines the history of the hacker that essentially began in the 1980’s with computer nerds, your mind will be blown with its progression and ability of destruction today. Wars are no longer only fought with tanks and bombs, but also computers and the extremely intelligent hackers of today. Thankfully there are people working around the clock to create firewalls and codes in order to terminate these threats, but they will certainly continue to evolve.


Watch Zero Days on FlixFling.

This guest blog was written by Breelyn Starrett.