06 Jun The Da Vinci Code Exposed: What They Don’t Want You To Know Part 1

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For centuries the truth about the bloodline of Jesus Christ and Christianity has been suppressed by the ruling powers because it would be a major blow to the institutions of religion around the globe. Because of this, we are still led to believe things that only serve the purpose of the church and its relentless battle to control the masses. In this unprecedented and comprehensive series, we discover the real bloodline of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene and explore the secret brotherhoods of the Knights Templar, the Cathars, the Sufis and more- revealing the spiritual truths held sacred by these groups for centuries. Learn why many royal families around the globe know that they are indeed descended from Jesus and the Davidic line, and yet this incredible lineage has remained a secret for centuries. Discover why the line of David was so important and where it originated. Venture back to the time of Mesopotamia and the great God-Kings of antiquity. Find out how widespread this bloodline is today and how even George Washington was a member of this elite lineage. If you have been intrigued by The Da Vinci Code, then what you are about to experience will have you inspired and overwhelmed with new insights and new information that has been kept from the masses for too long.