11 Jun The Choice Is Yours

At FlixFling, we pride ourselves on offering the most versatile streaming service in the industry. As you may have seen on our exciting new splash page (which can be found HERE), we give all of our users the choice between a Subscription or On Demand experience.

Are you a moviegoer who appreciates hidden gems, cult classics, and independent cinema? Then look no further than the FlixFling Subscription, where a monthly charge of $7.99 will provide you with unlimited access to thousands of hard-to-find titles. Did we mention the FREE premium rental every month? Try the 14-day free trial to help you decide if the FlixFling Subscription is right for you!


Are you a movie lover who only gets the chance to see 1 or 2 movies every so often? Then FlixFling On Demand is the fit for you. Sort through all of our content, including the great new premium titles, and only be charged per title that you view! There’s NO commitment necessary to use FlixFling On Demand, unlike some of those other streaming sites.

Whether you decide to subscribe or pay-as-you-go, all FlixFling users have access to MyFlix, a digital locker in which all your rentals and purchases are stored and easily accessed on any device. Rentals remain in MyFlix for 72 hours, and purchases remain forever!

Check out more details from our splash page in the image below:

6.11.14 Choice Is Yours