06 Jun The Bulgarian Prophet

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"The Emigrant" Twenty five year old Ivan escapes from communist Bulgaria and waits in refugee camp in Italy hoping to find sponsors and go to America. He finds Jim and Tammy Shaker from the Church of the Eternal Profit and comes to L.A., California in the early 70s hippy years of violent anti-war protesters, gatherings of pot-smoking hippies, Hare Krishna dancers, the burning of army recruiting offices and the Kent State massacre. Jim and Tammy help him to find a part time job in the L.A. Zoo masturbating the gorillas, and a full time job in a company called Reconditioned Rubbers. Ivan works very hard, for below minimum wage. His only pleasure is to stop every Sunday at "The Sprout Factory" because he is secretly in love with the twenty year old manager there named Sunshine Flower.