12 Oct Bikini Bull Ride – Official Rules


For a chance to win $1,000 cash, you must register by Thursday, November 1, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. EST.  To register, send a message to our official FlixFling Facebook page (facebook.com/FlixFling), or email to [email protected], with your name, email address, phone number, and home address.  Exceptions for late registrations may be made after the November 1st 5pm deadline at the exclusive discretion of FlixFling.


The contest is open to men and women 21 years of age and older.  You must compete in the first two rounds to be eligible for the final.  You must be wearing a bikini each time you compete.

You must agree to the disclaimer/other requirements section listed below.


The competition takes place over the course of three separate nights, starting at 9pm at Johnny Utah’s.  Each event will be video taped and your video will be posted on the official FlixFling Facebook page.  To enter the first round, you just need to register and compete in a bikini while your team cheers you on.  To make it to the second round you need to have earned ‘100’ points.  Points are accumulated through the sharing of your bull riding video and participation at the events.  To make it to the third round you need to have one of the top four highest scores.  The scores are cumulative from the first two rounds.  At the third and final round, a panel of three judges will decide on the order of the winners.  Everyone who makes it to the finals will be eligible for a prize.  In the event of a tie there will be a tie breaker round.

The first round is on Thursday, November 1st.  You will compete in the round by riding the mechanical bull and bringing out a team of supporters.  While you’re riding the bull a FlixFling employee will be filming your performance.  Your video will be posted online and it is your goal to get as many of your friends to ‘like’ and ‘share’ your video.  The more ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ you get, the more points you will earn towards the ‘100’ that you need to qualify for the second round.

The second round is on Friday, November 9th.  If you have gotten ‘100’ points, before 5pm on this day, then you will compete in the round as you did for the first one.  You’ll ride the mechanical bull in a bikini and you’ll have your personal team there supporting you.  You will be video taped and the video will be posted on our official Facebook page.  Again, it will be your goal to get as many of your friends to ‘like’ and ‘share’ your video.  You can earn points online up until 5pm on Friday, November 16th.

The final round is on Friday, November 16th.  The 4 contestants with the highest number of points after by 5pm on this day will be eligible to compete in the final round.  Their names will be announced before the event begins at 9pm.  All contestants must be present when the announcement is made, otherwise the position is forfeited and the contestant with the next highest number of points will step in.  This round will be judged and based off of performance, style, and popularity.  The judges will decide the place of each contestant based off of a 10point scoring system. Prizes will be given out at the end of the night.


Points are earned through two different ways; online and at Johnny Utah’s.  You will need to earn 100 points for the first round to be eligible for the second.


Points are added for Liking, Tweeting, and Sharing any official contest posts, the event page, and videos.

Liking or “LIKE” is defined as either liking an official contest related post, or official FlixFling Bikini Bull Riding event.

Sharing or “SHARE” is defined as sharing an official contest related post, or official FlixFling Bikini Bull Riding event.

1 point for every 5 ‘Likes’ your video gets

1 point for every 1 time your video is shared

1 point for sharing any of our posts promoting the competition (max 1 share per post)

1 point for tweeting about the competition using the #bikinibullride (max 5x/Round)

10 points for sharing the competition event page (max 1x/round)

At Johnny Utah’s:

Points are added for each person that comes to support you the night of the competition.  They must specify which contestant they are there in support of, and they can only give the name of one rider.

Points are added for each round your bull riding time qualifies you in the top 3.

5 points for every person that comes to cheer you on

10 points for being in the top three time bracket after each round


The actual bull riding will be done individually, but the competition itself is a team event.  Encourage your friends to participate through social media by sharing and liking your video.  Have them come out to the events so you can earn more points.  You can ask them to dress up in your team colors, wear your name, have a theme, etc.  This competition is meant to be fun and enjoyed with friends so bring em out!  And remember, creativity counts.


By entering, you agree to the Facebook Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and the rules stated herein.  You also agree to have your video posted on the FlixFling Facebook page at the discretion of FlixFling (more information in Disclaimer section)


The official winner will be chosen from the final four contestants who make it into the third round.  The final four will be announced before the competition begins on the final night at Johnny Utah’s.  The contestants will be scored on performance, style, and popularity by a panel of three judges.  The contestant with the most points will win first place, and so forth for the following three contestants.

First Place: $1,000 CASH

Second Place: $250 CASH

Third Place: A 12-month subscription to FlixFling valued at $95.88

Fourth Place: FlixFling Tank


All entrants, as a condition of entry, agree to be bound by these official rules. In addition, by entering, all entrants consent to being photographed and filmed during the competitions taking place, inside Johnny Utah’s Philadelphia, by an employee of FlixFling.  Entrants grant FlixFling permission to upload the videos to their Facebook page without prior viewing from entrants (Facebook.com/FlixFling). In connection therewith, all entrants grant full permission and consent to FlixFling to utilize any of the results of such photographing and filming in any and all media now known or hereafter devised and hereby release FlixFling from all liability related thereto.  FlixFling reserves the right to cancel the competition in the event of insufficient participation.