27 Jul The Big Racket

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When a powerful gang of extortionists forces the businessmen of an Italian city to pay for their protection, the tough Inspector Nico Palmieri investigates the case. However he is surprised by the racketeers and ends up seriously injured. When he is discharged from the hospital, he joins the victims of the extortion who are trying to find a witness to testify in court as the mobsters are always released by the Attorney Giovanni Giuni. Only the restaurant owner, Luigi Giulti, accepts this burden; but his daughter is brutally raped by the gangsters and commits suicide later. Nico is pressed by his superiors to drop the case but he invites his friend, Pepe, to help him using illegal methods – believing that the end justifies the means. There is a war between the criminals and the police with tragic consequences, and Nico is fired from the police department. Nico decides to join Luigi; Pepe; a marksman that saw his wife being raped and burned alive; the owner of a nightclub maimed for the rest of his life; and a felon that wants a passport and destroy the gang – in a battle that becomes bloodshed between vigilantes and criminals.