06 Jun The Alien Time Machine: Encounters from Another Dimension

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Join Eerie Investigations’, Karen Frandsen, as she explores the mysterious experiences of author, Terry Le Riche Walters. Terry’s amazing personal accounts of alien visitations, abductions and spiritual prophecies from other dimensions are profound and riveting.
Take an amazing trip, see the world’s only real Time Machine built inside a small house in Bath, ENgland using alien technology. This film features exclusive and unique footage of the actual machine and a group of researchers gathered to discuss its use and the bizarre technology behind it. Looking amazingly like something from a Dr. Who set, this incredible machine seems to somehow alter the laws of physics, time and space.
What’s its purpose? Where did it come from? Who built it and why? Who were those strange people who took Terry away as a child and what was their message?
This fascinating film uncovers dramatic insights into the fabric of reality itself and will keep you up at night wondering about what’s "real" and what isn’t.