06 Nov Tangerine Review


The World Can Be A Cruel Place

It’s Christmas Eve and Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) has just been released from jail. Tangerine opens on Sin-Dee and her friend, Alexandra (Mya Taylor), catching up in an old-fashioned donut shop. After plenty of girl talk and giggles, Alexandra spills the news that Sin-Dee’s boyfriend and pimp, Chester (James Ransone) has moved on.  Outraged, Sin-Dee sets out across Hollywood to find her man and the new woman who has allegedly taken her place. The journey becomes more complicated than expected and the encounters these characters face are absurd, yet comical, making it a film you must see to believe.

Recently nominated for the Gotham Awards “Best Feature”, director Sean Baker must be excited to see that the risks he took paid off. While it’s a movie of humor, love, and life’s obstacles, Tangerine is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The film is shot in the not-so-picturesque stretch of Los Angeles and gives viewers a whole new perspective of life in the “Hollywood scene”. The quirky edits, camera angles, and the vibrant colors seen throughout the film keep the 88-minute runtime interesting. Also keeping things interesting are the main characters. Initially, you may not realize that Sin-Dee and Alexandra are transgender, but it speaks to today’s culture. Baker doesn’t use the transgender identity to make a point to society, but simply brings something unique and intriguing to the typical Hollywood we’re used to making it this week’s FridayFlix pick!


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This guest blog was written by Breelyn Starrett.