22 Apr Systema: Defense in Confined Space

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In the world of office violence, home invasions, hijackings and back-alley muggings, you must have the tools to survive. Vladimir Vasiliev of Russia’s Special Operations Unit will amaze you with real-speed, smooth and precise ways to totally neutralize threats when your mobility is severely restricted. From the most disadvantageous positions and with true professional calmness, Vladimir instantly shoves the aggressor under the desk, smashes him against the wall, traps him in a drawer, sends the knife flying from his hand, then stuffs two muggers into a corner, tangled against each other and unable to move. It’s as if you are at a big screen action movie…but the action is REAL! And, for the first time ever, Vladimir explains and demonstrates lightning fast “short work” and then gives you clear and practical drills to practice and to prepare your body and mind for the times when there is no room to move or time to waste. YOUR SPACE MAY BE CONFINED, BUT NOT YOUR ACTIONS!