06 Jun Summer School

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Charlie is a teenage horror buff and even runs his own movie review website. He decides to spend his last evening before the start of summer school catching up on his movie viewing. He watches one horror flick after another, his private movie marathon lasting well into the wee hours of the night. In class the next day, lack of sleep overwhelms Charlie and he nods off. He soon finds himself in a series of all-too realistic nightmares that look an awful lot like his movies. Plunging in and out of states of consciousness, Charlie is transported from one horrifying scene to the next as he confronts a steady stream of slashers, vampires, monsters, Nazis and satanic cults. His grip on reality loosens as it becomes impossible to tell whether he’s awake or asleep. One thing’s for sure – Charlie’s not going to be looking at horror movies quite the same way every again.