04 Sep Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine Review


Bold. Brilliant. Brutal.

This Labor Day weekend, tune into FlixFling and check out the premiere of this week’s FridayFlix film, Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine. While most people assume Mr. Jobs’s magnificent products must reflect his personality, this documentary will open your eyes to a different side of one of the most successful geniuses to date. Renowned documentarian, Alex Gibney digs deeper into the way Jobs has transformed society today. We’re first introduced to the brains behind the machines, the innovative marketing plans, and simply how Apple became Apple. As Gibney gives credit where credit is due, he nonetheless presents the other side of Apple. Gibney ruthlessly illustrates the often seemingly heartless CEO using personal interviews of Jobs’s past friends and coworkers. With all different perspectives on the type of person Jobs was, it is up to the viewer to decide their outlook on Jobs as a person and Apple as a company.

It seems that one of Gibney’s intentions for this documentary was for viewers to recognize how much significance these Apple machines have on our culture. We walk around each day with our little personalized computers in the palms of our hands and most people would choose these products over human interaction. This sort of presence tends to create a very self-absorbed society and Gibney appears to be concerned. How did one man have this much impact on such a large group of people? Join FlixFling this weekend to discover who the computer era’s most successful entrepreneur really is.



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This guest blog was written by Breelyn Starrett.