30 Jan Star Blazers S3 Part III

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“The Bolar Wars” (episodes 10-13) – At every turn, the Star Force has defeated Admiral Dagon of the Galman Empire. But now, with a massive new warfleet at his command and the tides of space itself to throw at the Argo, he believes he cannot fail to destroy his hated enemy. However, Dagon is not the only force to be reckoned with. Prime Minister Bemlayze of the formidable Bolar Federation also becomes interested in the Argo’s progress, and a planet he has not yet conquered–Earth. Elsewhere, Desslok of Gamilon learns of a traitor in his midst who worships Queen Gardiana, a space goddess thought long-dead who could now threaten the galactic balance of power between the Bolar and the Galmans. Giant forces are beginning to move, and the galaxy itself feels the tremors!