28 Sep Son of Terror

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Director’s Cut: Halloween never ends for paranoid John Willem. His uncontrollable nightmare is just beginning. He’s battling the voices of good vs. evil in his head. John can’t distinguish between reality, memories or dreams. His mental voices like to manifest themselves as characters in his waking life. He’s sick, broke and can’t pay his rent. Due in part to early family conditioning, he never stood a chance in society. It’s now become a good alibi for him to play the tortured artist card.
John reaches out for help. Unfortunately, the corrupt people around him may be crazier than he is. John, although smart enough to understand this, allows himself to become victimized. He then takes out his frustrations by imagining himself a gruesome monster roaming the streets of Pioneer Square, Seattle, bringing revenge.
John’s primal state is not happy and good. He was not born noble. Because of this reality, he experiences a unique sense of freedom. This perspective gives him a sense of hope. Inside that hope he finds the strength to confront the monster. He feels driven to commit an ultimate heroic act. Too bad he’s freaking crazy…