20 Sep Sisters and Brothers

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In the episodic comedy-drama, Brothers and Sisters, the final film in Carl Bessai’s Family X trilogy exploring family relationships, four sets of siblings struggle to overcome their various differences. Rory (Dustin Milligan) has always been the pride of his family, however, while doing charity work in Africa, his brother Justin (Cory Monteith) rises to stardom as an actor, and thus creates tension between the two brothers. Sarah (Kacey Rohl), a sullen teenager in constant conflict with her mother (Gabrielle Rose), meets the half-sister she never knew she had. Nikki (Amanda Crew) dreams of being a movie star, and Henry (Tom Sholte) claims he has the connections to land her the job. In return, he asks for a drive to Los Angeles, however, much to Henry’s dismay, Nikki’s ill-tempered sister Maggie (Camille Sullivan) insists on coming along. In the final segment, Louise (Gabrielle Miller), who always idolized her older brother Jerry (Benjamin Ratner), begins to question how to handle Jerry when he develops schizophrenia and severe mood swings.

Sisters and Brothers was an official selection at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival.