06 Mar Serena Review


Love, Lust, and Greed in the Great Depression

Watch it now before itʼs in theaters! Celebrate Hollywood’s favorite onscreen duo, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, in their newest release, Serena. From award winning director Susanne Bier comes the tragic love story of George Pemberton, a 1920s timber baron, and his beautiful, yet troubled wife Serena. Setting up camp in the Carolinas, the blissfully wedded pair is determined to expand their logging empire and grow their family. When Serena suddenly suffers a miscarriage, however, it seems their dreams of familial bliss are dashed. She soon discovers that one of George’s former trysts produced an illegitimate child, and is consumed with despair. Blinded by jealousy, she sets out to exact revenge on the child and his mother, leading to a deadly standoff that pushes her marriage to the breaking point.

Though it pairs two of today’s most popular actors together, looking arguably more attractive than ever, Serena fails to fully deliver the meaty material that these stars deserve. Based on the popular Ron Rash novel of the same name, the film is picturesque enough, yet feels dated in its attempt to recreate the time period in which it is set. With a red-hot team like Cooper and Lawrence headlining, however, Serena will create buzz both theatrically and through digital release. Fans of the period piece romance will find Serena satisfying, even if just to watch these two starlets fall in and out of love and lust.

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This guest blog was written by Colleen Shields.