06 Dec Santa and Pete

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It’s the first Christmas without Grandma and a difficult time for the family, until Grandpa (James Earl Jones) decides to share a story with his ten year-old grandson Terence. It’s the story of Santa and Pete, a tale that has been handed down through generations. As the story unfolds, we too are transported to faraway lands and mystical events as the Old World’s Saint Nicholas (Home Cronyn) is transformed into modern day Santa Claus. At first Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children, travels the world alone, performing small miracles and keeping track of his young followers in the sacred book of life. On his way Saint Nicholas is arrested, accused of being a spy, and is sent to a Spanish prison where he may have to spend the rest of his days, until an energetic young man, Pete, comes to his rescue. Santa and Pete become a team dedicated to making children happy. When they cross the Atlantic to the new world in winter, they trade their horse carriage for a reindeer pulled sleigh, and Santa accepts a new thick red coat, made for him by Native Americans. Everywhere they go, they bring lasting harmony, peace and happiness.