30 Jul Review – The Little Princess

FlixFling contributor, Alexandra Gibson reviews The Little Princess

Other than The Bachelor and the Bobby-soxer, this was only second Shirley Temple movie I’ve seen.  Despite my lack of due diligence, I classify The Little Princess as a must-see.  It is about Sara Crewe, a pampered but jovial nine-year-old in Victorian England.  She is placed in a boarding school when her father, Captain Crewe, is deployed to Africa.  At the school, Sarah wants for nothing until the head mistress hears that Captain Crewe is bankrupt, at which point Sarah is relegated to the servants’ quarters and forced to work off her debt.  All the while, Sarah searches for her father, who had been reported dead.

In general, the film is a children’s movie. However, it would be impossible for a viewer of any age not to get sucked in.  The world at the boarding school is very colorful, complete with Victorian Mean Girls, two kindly teachers in a secret affair, and an ill-treated servant girl who quickly becomes Sarah’s best friend.  At the center of the action, Shirley Temple is utterly charming.  It is no mystery why she had such a successful career as a child.  With her bouncy curls and adorable energy, I would certainly seek out more of her movies.

The Little Princess is a heartwarming classic.  Anyone who wants to occupy his or her kids for an hour and a half should definitely put it on.  Anyone who doesn’t have kids to occupy will probably still find it very entertaining.