26 Jul Review – Punk In England

FlixFling contributor, Yohsuke Araki reviews Punk In England

Punk In England doesn’t explain much but instead harps on the visceral experience of the live shows rather than feeding us information about the scene. We go through the classic punks to the progressive styles of new-mod and ska. 90 percent of the film is strictly live performances from notable bands like The Clash and others that haven’t withstood the test of time quite as well, such as The Specials or The Pretenders. The Pretenders’ performance, and more notably Chrissie Hynde’s modest and honest composure, is wonderful to watch, while The Specials’ spectacular live dance party and studio sessions stir up some really great vibes.

A notable aspect of this documentary is that no one band seems to be put onto a pedestal. Each performance is shot from a personal distance, which really brings us into the experience. We get an equal viewing both in quality and length of each bands’ nature while in performance; whether it be the Clash’s large venue rock concert or Spizzenergy’s more personal night club gig. It’s not very often one comes across great live footage with good sound quality like this, so if you’re a punk fan, watch and enjoy!