30 Jul Review – Charade

FlixFling contributor, Jordana Lipsitz reviews Charade

Audrey Hepburn was a classy lady of the highest caliber.  However, in Charade she also managed to be funny. Though this is a review of Charade, it may turn into a love letter to Audrey Hepburn. I can’t help it. She’s awesome.  Charade is awesome for its hitchcock-esque structure but mostly I focused on Audrey’s wide-eyed shock face. Though I really enjoyed Cary Grant’s also-fantastic acting, I couldn’t help but focus on how demure she looked next to him. However, you don’t want to hear about my weird girl-crush on Audrey Hpeburn, so instead, let’s talk about Charade.

I mentioned that Charade is Hitchcock-esque. Allow me to describe how this makes the movie fantastic. Hitchcock movies always give you that sort of thrill and second-guessing, even though some of the shticks seem outdated these days.  There is talk of spies, misplaced identities, and people die! It’s like a Hitchcock movie that is not a Hitchcock movie so it’s not always on hold at the library!

Though I have an unnaturally strong love for Audrey Hepburn, my second old movie crush is definitely Cary Grant.  My feelings for him have not changed since viewing His Girl Friday.  He’s classy and fabulous at all times. He even manages to show this tendency in Charade even though he is old enough to be the leading lady’s daddy.  While being classy he still manages to be humorous: taking a shower in a full suit and constantly changing his name. He’s goofy and I love it.

Look at that, I spent most of a post not blathering on about Audrey Hepburn.  Who’s proud of me? You all should be. Charade is a great watch if you’re looking for something suspenseful and comedic without being graphic. It’s that old Hithcock thing that I love so much.  Not so much blood and guts but still oddly scary and a great watch.