29 May Results Review


They’re All Going to Feel it in the Morning

Making its debut in theaters today, Magnolia Pictures’ relationship comedy, Results, is also available on FlixFling! The film follows Trevor (Guy Pearce) and Kat (Cobie Smulders), a team of feisty and dedicated personal trainers with a romantic past, and their arrogant client, Danny (Kevin Corrigan). Recently divorced, bitterly depressed, and newly rich from his mother’s inheritance, Danny pays a visit to the Power 4 Life gym where Trevor signs him up for a training package. Power 4 Life’s most popular and high-strung trainer, Kat, takes on the duty of whipping Danny into shape. He soon realizes he’s interested in Kat’s firm physique instead and tries to woo her outside of the gym. Eventually, all three of their lives become inevitably knotted, both professionally and personally.

Results is, undoubtedly, Andrew Bujalski’s most successful film to date. As the beginning of the movie sets up the plot, he allows the quirkiness of his characters to really create the humor for Results. In the end, the viewer realizes that Bujalski has been strategically creating a love triangle all along, making the story that much more meaningful. He deserves praise for directing a hilarious, relatable, and ironic movie that makes viewers want to see the end “results” of all characters involved!


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This guest blog was written by Breelyn Starrett.