14 Jun ‘Red Shoe Diaries’ Now on FlixFling!

We’re excited to announce our newest channel to FlixFling – ‘Red Shoe Diaries.’  Watch the series from the beginning, and follow along as we add a new season each month!


Synopsis: ‘Red Shoe Diaries’ is an erotic drama series that aired on Showtime from 1992-1997.  There were many guest star appearance’s including David Duchovny, Matt LeBlanc, Arnold Vosloo, and Kate Jackson.

Jake, played by Duchovny, is the central character of the series.  The death of Jake’s fiancé, and her betrayal, leaves him with unanswered questions about her private life.  To find solace from the tragedy Jake reaches out to strangers with similar experiences.  He advertises in the personal section of the newspaper using the penname ‘Red Shoes,’ and asks women to send him their diaries.  Each episode tells the story of one of these private entries.


Season 1:

Ep. 1 Safe Sex

Ep. 2 Double Dare

Ep. 3 You Have the Right To Remain Silent

Ep. 4 Talk to Me Baby

Ep. 5 Just Like That

Ep. 6 Another Woman’s Lipstick

Ep. 7 Auto Erotica

Ep. 8 Jake’s Story

Ep. 9 Accidents Happen aka The Fling

Ep. 10 Bounty Hunter

Ep. 11 Weekend Pass

Ep. 12 Double or Nothing

Ep. 13 How I Met My Husband