05 Jun Red Canopy

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An arrogant martial arts student learns courage and honor after his sensei sends him into a dangerous and mysterious forest for one last day of training. Although John Braybrook believes that he is ready to enter the most coveted martial arts tournament in the UK, his sagacious sensei understands that John has much to learn before he is a complete martial artist. Reluctantly, John follows his sensei’s cryptic orders to train in the mysterious forest. Unbeknownst to John this forest holds a deadly secret about his sensei and the family he lost years before to an evil local aristocrat and his cronies. After a series of mystical encounters with deceased members of his sensei’s murdered family, John attempts to avenge his sensei in the ultimate showdown against the terrifying evil aristocrat. Sensei sends him into a nefarious forest that no one has ever emerged from alive.