05 Jun Quest For the Sea, Ep 4

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As seen on PBS stations comes this new "living history" series about two modern families who experience life as it was lived in a 1937 rural Newfoundland outport fishing community. Two families, the Wheelers and the Murrays, as well as two outsiders that will be living with each of households, spend two eye-opening months fishing for cod and preparing authentic meals with only the bare necessities. Experience the remarkable ups and downs of life in Hay Cove, New Foundland. In the show finale Episode 4: Re-Settlement it is late August. The fish are far out at sea and the weather is worsening. In Hay Cove, a cloud of tension hangs over the families. As the community recovers from a terrible fight, the men take to the seas to catch enough fish to pay the debt. But it is not the bill collector who disrupts life at Hay Cove; it is the resettlement program. The Wheelers must move out of their home, and they have no choice but to move in with the Murrays. For the final week of their summer, the families live as one as the series concludes.