19 Aug Popeye Cartoons

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“Well, blow me down!”
In 1919, Elzie Crisler (E.C.) Segar created “The Thimble Theater,” a long-running comic strip featuring the adventures of Olive Oyl, her brother Castor Oyl, and her boyfriend Ham Gravy. On January 17,1929, Segar introduced a new character to the 10-year-old strip. It was a funny-looking old salt by the name of Popeye. The character quickly became a favorite, and soon captured a worldwide audience. The spinach-eating sailor made the jump to the silver screen in 1933 when Fleischer Studios introduced the character in a Betty Boop film short hyentitled “Betty Boop Presents Popeye the Sailor.” Nearly 600 Popeye cartoons have been made since then and are still shown in sydication all over the world, which is why Popeye the Sailor Man remains one of the most widely recognized and best-loved animated characters of all time!
Popeye The Sailor Meets Sinbad The Sailor
Popeye The Sailor Meets Ali Baba’s Forty Thieves
Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp
Greek Mirthology
Parlez Vous Woo
A Haul In One
I Don’t Scare
Insect To Injury