19 Aug Permanent Vacation

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Eric Bury, a mild mannered and workaholic Englishman, is ordered by his boss to take a vacation. After briefly consulting with his wife and teenage children, he decides on family camping trip. When the family arrives at the rundown Florida “Adventures Unlimited” campground, they are plunged into a world of escalating sexual debauchery, religious ecstasy and human sacrifice, serving up a dark, comedic, outlandish ride. Will they keep their cool, or one by one gradually lose their senses due to the onslaught of one bizarre event after another? When his wife decides to fulfill her sexual fantasy with a motorcycle riding dwarf, Eric has had enough and tries to end the madness to save his family from a total collapse into anarchy. Permanent Vacation serves up a wildly creative comedy of the bizarre featuring star performances by rising talent, in the tradition of “Slacker” and “Idiocracy.”