29 Jul Some One Night Stands Last Forever

After a bad breakup, the only thing on Ruth’s (Lindsay Burdge) agenda is a weekend getaway to the Hamptons with her friends. At the end of a boozy night once everyone goes to bed, Michael (Peter Vack) suddenly appears in Ruth’s room wearing only burlap. The two are instantly drawn to each other, but the problem is that Michael is a ghost. Feeling vulnerable, Ruth and her new ghost lover have a one-night stand, leaving Ruth with bizarre after effects. After suffering hallucinations, black slime vomit, and intense night sweats, Ruth decides to see a doctor who broadly informs her she has an untreatable sexually transmitted disease. She is forced to decide whether she wants to reintegrate into society with her abnormal episodes or just stay with her dead hookup forever.

Lace Crater tells a story between the narratives surface and allows viewers to see a deeper meaning. You’ll notice that the conversations among characters are often bland and monotone, allowing more focus on the metaphor of the ghost sex rather than just the situation of ghost sex. Director Harrison Atkins is very unique, but intentional in his post-production edits as well, making it easier for viewers to understand Ruth’s state of mind from beginning to end. Lace Crater is only available at limited theaters nationwide, so be sure to watch it exclusively on FlixFling!


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This guest blog was written by Breelyn Starrett.