19 Aug Off The Ledge

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Sex, Drugs and Suicidal Tendencies… This ensemble-cast driven dramady revolves around a New Years Eve Party, here most of the party goers are oblivious to the true atmosphere of pain amid their celebration of life and renewal… As off beat party-goers spontaneously ring in the New Year at a Hollywood hills home, four hapless individuals intertwine as they do their best to survive the evening, and in the process, witness first hand the meaning of “how to save a life.” By the time midnight passes, each individual will find their lives changed forever, and leave them with an abundance of introspective thoughts and feelings that will carry them through the rest of their lives, and perhaps prevent them from falling off the ledge. Ultimately, this is an edgy, amusing exploration of life, new-year resolutions, and new beginnings, with a wry twist of fate.